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Ceramic solutions for coloured surfaces for clay roofing tiles and clinker bricks. Product range: engobes, glazes, granulates and raw materials Technical on-site Services.

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It is our passion to develop new products. The daily requirements inspire us to work out individual solutions of color coatings with customers
and suppliers as partners. Developed for clay roof tiles and bricks. Also potteries, tile and tableware manufacturers are among our customers. Ceramic industry are diversified - when can we offer a solution to you?

Engobes - Inspired by nature
Glazes - Inspired by brilliance
Granulates - Inspired by creativity
Raw materials - Inspired by simplicity

For firing temperatures from 850°C to 1.250 °C

TRUST – Trust is the basis of our cooperation.

RESPONSIBILITY – together with you we have the responsibility for a top product.

VITREUS – we work in a team „One for all, all for one“ - with you being part of it.

Am Appenstedter Waeldchen 7
21217 Seevetal

Phone: +49 40 88161500

Linmet Glas-Keramik Handelsgesellschaft mbH
Rhinstr. 86
12681 Berlin

Phone: +49 30 51659360

Products and services

Ceramic Engobes - Inspired by nature

  • Natural colors and
  • Matt to satin matt finish, also with metal effects
  • For roof tiles, bricks and tiles
  • Suitable for various bodies, firing curves, firing atmospheres and kiln types

Ceramic Glazes - Inspired by brilliance

  • Natural and artificial Colors, high gloss, matt, metallic or effect
  • For production in roof tile, brick and tile plants

Ceramic Granulates - Inspired by creativity

  • Fine grain rustic or coarse grained rustic, grain size 5μm to 2mm
  • Individuality through body, surface structure, firing atmosphere and setting method in the kiln. Especially for bricks and tile plants

Ceramic Raw materials - Inspired by simplicity

  • Natural, synthetic or recycled
  • Suitable for your own engobes and glazes, for body coloring, body optimization
    frits (milled and granulated), iron oxides, iron manganese spinel, manganese oxides, economic body Pigments and high quality glaze pigments

For firing temperatures from 850 ° C to 1.250 °C

Metallic engobes

Metallic engobes are usuable for bricks and thin bricks. Brilliance for smooth surfaces. Usable from 900°C until 1100°C

Examples for ngobed rustic bricks

Engobes and strewing granulates on ceramic bricks. Combination between different products.Usable from 850°C until 1250°C

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